In filling positions for each year, applications of present students are considered first, then those of children who have siblings (s) enrolled, and finally those who are new to the school. Our school has open enrollment through January 31 provided spaces are available.
Central Pointe Christian Academy reserves the right to refuse enrollment, or reenrollment, of students who do not meet spiritual, educational, and behavioral standards as deemed by the administration. It is a privilege to attend Central Pointe Christian Academy, not a right. Proper Christian conduct is expected of students, faculty and parents.
1) School application forms must be completed and returned to the school office.

    a. Student Application Form - Blue Form
    b. Tuition Payment Agreement - Pink Form
    c. Family Medical Authorization Student(s) Information Form -Yellow Form
    d. Student Reference Conduct Form

2) February is closed enrollment for current students. March begins open enrollment.

3) Parents and applicants must be willing to be interviewed by the administrator and or the department supervisor. Transcripts or report card must be provided at the time of interview.

4) Up-to–date student health records, which include a Florida Physical and a completed Florida Certification of Immunization, Department of Health Form 680, may be obtained through your physician or the Florida Department of Health.

5) The administration requires a birth certificate as evidence that the child has attained the age at which he or she should be admitted in accordance with the provision of Florida State Laws 232.2 and 232.04.

6) All new applicants are required to provide recent scores from a national achievement test in order to accomplish the following:

    a. Insure placement in the grade for which the student is qualified.
    b. Enable the school to maintain high standards.

7) Final decisions regarding acceptance will be determined by the school administration.

8) All students who attend CPCA must read, sign, and cooperate with the written codes of honor, conduct, and dress code. Parents are also asked to sign the Parent.